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Embracing grey hair for women

Do you remember getting that first grey hair? Some of our clients got them when they were 20 years old; others are lucky to get them in their 50s.

Is grey hair attractive on women?

Hell, yes! Women with grey hair are sexy and cool. Women embracing grey hair have the most beautiful natural hair. It gives them a hint of mystery on younger women, which is incredibly erotic. On mature women, it shows off their experienced sophistication and gives them a heightened sense of class.

Hair doesn't go grey because it's damaged or dead. Going grey simply means your hair follicles are no longer making melanin – your hair pigment. Genetics are primarily responsible for when you start to go grey. Although sometimes it can happen after illness or intense stress. By the time you are 60, pretty much everyone has grey hairs.

Embracing grey hair at 30

In your 30s, you could loosely call this premature greying. It is increasingly popular to embrace silvery locks in your 30s. Those who are a bit edgy or like to try something different with their hair are also dying it grey. A steel grey with dark roots is a youthful way to go grey. But it is high maintenance because you have to bleach your hair first.

Embracing grey hair at 40

Grey highlights or a classic grey streak could work with your style in your 40s. Whether it's natural grey or hair dye, a subtle touch of silver can frame your face and enhance your everyday look. If your hair is blonde, hints of grey in your parting can be very flattering. It's an unexpected pop of colour that really works.

Embracing grey hair at 50

Just because you're in your 50s doesn't mean you have to chop all your hair off. Long, wavy grey hair can look fabulous. It is ideal for women with an oval face. Need more volume and bounce? A medium length with big curls will work. Or choose a timeless style, like a classic bob. This style looks great on women of all ages.

Embracing grey hair at 60

Many women who are almost all grey choose to colour their hair blonde or get blonde highlights. Blonde blends better with the all grey grown as the crown and roots grow in. Hairstyles for older grey-haired women all depend on the shape of your face. Shoulder length with big soft curls can add a youthful look. Or, for something more low maintenance, a pixie cut is the height of sophistication.

Did you know your hair can help you keep a youthful appearance?

How to wear grey hair without looking old

Have you heard about our grey blending service? No? You're going to love it!

Especially since lockdown has lifted, grey hair is being embraced by more of our clients. And, they are enjoying their natural hair colour. At Freestyle Hair Design, we're fully on board with this trend. We can help you by:

  • Growing out that grey naturally without any harsh lines

  • Add a subtle pearl or ash tones to white hair

  • Adjust and even the grey tone, as it doesn't always grow evenly

Froom steely greys to a silver hair queen – the natural grey hair revolution is happening! There are so many natural options, including lived in roots.