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Want the latest hair trend? Lived in roots

If ever there was a time to embrace grown-out roots, it’s now. So, instead of relying on touch-ups, why not embrace the beauty of your natural roots?

What is lived in roots? The trend of growing out blonde hair with dark roots became popular in lockdown when trips to the hairdressers were banned. Now it is one of the hair colour trends of 2021.

There was a time when a hint of dark roots making an appearance would make us instantly call to make a hair salon appointment. Yet when the hair world embraced the balayage technique, lived in roots has become a much-needed low maintenance reprieve. With beautiful strokes of colour put in the right places, balayage is here to stay, and now it’s all about those roots.

Balayage trends 2021

Lived in roots is also known as shadow roots. The gorgeous, low-maintenance style works with your hair’s natural colour, even if your locks fall on the darker side. Rather than camouflaging your roots, the technique works with them, so the regrowth isn’t so severe. It can also add dimension to your hair.

The blonde hair dark roots trend is also ideal for those who find it challenging to keep up the maintenance required of highlights or coloured hair. The look of flawless colour has been replaced with lived in roots hair. Fearing dark roots is a thing of the past, allowing your root colour to blend into your highlights.

How to blend dark roots with blonde hair

If this is the look for you, we integrate light and tonal streaks into your hair, so the regrowth doesn’t look too harsh. This way, your hair can continue to look gorgeous, even as the weeks progress.

With this technique, either your natural root shade gets to shine through as part of the hair colour, or roots of a different shade are created and blended. It makes your root part of the overall package gorgeously.

Can lived in roots work on other hair colours?

The trend is incredibly customisable. We can add caramel or honey highlights to brunettes. These shades will refresh your dark colour and will allow your lived in roots to appear subtle. It also works on all hair lengths.

Redheads can also get in on the action by choosing rich red roots with bright coppery highlights. Fashion colours or rainbow

hair fans can also choose a contrast of dark roots against the vibrant, bold colour.

Finding the right colour is something our stylists can advise you on. We recommend only going one or two levels darker or lighter than your natural hair colour to get the right root shadow. Opting for cooler or more neutral shades.

Whatever colour you going for, we say “bring on the roots”!


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