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The biggest complaint we hear from our clients about their hair is that they cannot produce the same results at home as their stylist does in the salon. We do our best to educate everyone on how to style their hair at home, and with that comes a recommendation for the shampoo, conditioner and styling aids we use every day to create that look you love. Get salon-quality hair at home, without the expensive price tag.

Gift Vouchers

Freestyle Hair Design gift vouchers are available to purchase in the salon, offering you the flexibility you need for the perfect gift. ​Gift vouchers are the perfect present for any occasion including Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Easter, Birthdays, Wedding gifts, Anniversaries, Baby showers, Father's Day and Christmas. It could also be an end of year present for teachers, or a thank you to a carer, nurse, doctor or a friend.​ The gift experience can be used on any of our services or hair care products. All that's left for you to decide is how much you want to spend so you can spoil someone.

Yellow Curl Range

Directly from the country of sunshine, beauty and dolce vita are the amazing range of hair care products for curly hair. All of the Yellow products use natural ingredients from all over the world. Whether you want to conjure up small, larger or slightly wavy curls, you can do this at home. 

Yellow is a positive and playful colour. It radiates joy, optimism, humour, concentration, enthusiasm and creativity. Your choice of colour means that you are a focused as well as the mischievous person that loves freedom, entertainment and trying out new ideas. Playful light curls radiating friendliness, enthusiasm and carefreeness of your day suit such personality best.

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

Yellow Scalp Range

The new Yellow Scalp line is here to make your hair stronger and your scalp healthier. A true boost of happiness for your head! All of the Yellow products use natural ingredients from all over the world. Your hair grows from the roots, so look after it so you get great quality through to the tips. 

Yellow Liss Range

With the Yellow Liss Range you can finally say goodbye to frizzy, unmanageable hair. Get long-lasting straight hair, even in the most extreme conditions. With keratin-ht, which has been enhanced in a laboratory, it intercepts the most damaged areas of your hair to repair them. It also has maranth oil rich in proteins, mineral salts and vitamin e. Besides providing deep nourishment it coats the hair in a thin but strong barrier that hinders the penetration of humidity. 

Yellow Colour Care

The perfect support for coloured hair, both in the salon and at home. It enhances and preserves the intensity and shine of the colour over time. With goji berries which are rich in vitamins, sugars, minerals and proteins. They help slow down the oxidation to prolong colour intensity. 

Yellow Repair Range

The perfect energy boost for hair. Yellow's line for damaged and very damaged hair is perfect for in-depth repair, protectionction and treatments. It has almond proteins which thanks to their low molecular weight, they penetrate deep into the layers of hair fiber and interact with the keratin in your hair to create new bonds. Also with cocoa butter; the fatty acids work on the lipid structure to provide nutrition and seal the cuticle. 

Yellow Star Shine

A hair care range suitable for all hair types. They are capable of restoring the natural shine even to the dullest hair. The ingredients include verbascum flower which protects the hair, transforming UV rays into a source of light that conveys brightness and shine. Plus, pomegranate oil which is rich in vitamins and ani-oxidants.

Ultimate Volume Package

The newest line from Yellow is Easy Long, which is ideal for women who do not see their hair grow. The shampoo accelerates hair growth, whereas the conditioner gives softness and removes brassy and yellow undertones from root to tip. It is packed with Tahitian Algae, which is from the Polynesian Sea and is packed full of minerals, vitamins and proteins.

Four Reasons Haircare

You are going to love Four Reasons as much as we do! Their company values completely line up with ours. Four Reasons is a Finnish beauty industry rebel that stands up for diversity. With a goal to help everyone feel great by just being themselves and breaking the narrow mould of beauty one great hair day at a time. They stand for equality, and we're standing up and joining the rebellion.

Hair Care Products

There's more to hair care than shampoo, conditioner and styling products. Check out our collection of brushes, comes, and hair food. In store we also have a fantastic range of hairbands, scrunchies and clips. 

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