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Complaints Policy

Freestyle Hair Design aim to provide the best service possible. While we always strive to achieve this, there will be times when the client is unhappy with the service. We aim to handle complaints quickly in a practical, fair and honest way.


Ideally, as we have talked to you about the style you want, including the colours, cut and styling, by the end of your appointment, you will be pleased. If you are unhappy about anything during the appointment, we urge you to speak up sooner rather than later. 

How a complaint can be made
  • Verbally – To a staff member or Salon Owner

  • Telephone - 01443 403169

  • Email –

  • Letter – 19 Park Street, Treforest, Pontypridd, CF37 1SN

Please note you may be asked to put your complaint in writing when contacting us verbally or via telephone so that the complaints procedure can be followed. 

The complaints process

  1. All complaints must be made within seven days of the initial service. This is regardless of how the complaint or expression of dissatisfaction is made.

  2. You will receive a response within ten working days. If an interim reply is needed, you will be given a timescale by which a full reply will be received.


Confidentiality: All complaints are treated with privacy in mind. Only the relevant staff members will be aware that a complaint has been received and is being dealt with. 


Anonymous complaints will be acted upon. However, it is better to provide contact details so the complainant can be informed of the outcome.

Aggressive or obsessive complaints

Freestyle Hair Design wants to deal fairly and honestly with complainants and ensure that other users, clients and staff do not suffer detriment from persons making vexatious complaints.


If necessary, Freestyle Hair Design's solicitors will write to vexatious complainants to inform them that their behaviour is unacceptable.

Complaints about products and manufacturers

Freestyle Hair Design recognises complaints regarding products and equipment supplied through ourselves and any organisation contracted to work and will seek to resolve such complaints.

Freestyle Hair Design will forward complaints from other organisations to the appropriate bodies.

Equalities statement

Freestyle Hair Design aims to handle all complaints fairly and honestly, regardless of who makes the complaint. [Insert salon name] treats all community members equitably and will not show bias toward any particular individual or group.

Matters that are outside the policy

The following matters are not included in this policy;

Complaints which are subject to legal proceedings

All Complaints must are logged, recorded and analysed as part of the customer satisfaction procedure.

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