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Should you get fashion colours in your hair?

Who doesn’t love the idea of adding a vibrant pop of colour into your look? Getting fashion or fantasy colours in your hair can be an excellent way to add excitement to your style.

Do you dream of fantasy hair colours such as soft pastels or bold brights, but worry the trend will fade? Turns out, the fashion hair colour frenzy is growing stronger than ever!

For some time now, Freestyle Hair Design has been one of the go-to places in South Wales to get your hair coloured in every shade of the rainbow. Fashion colour covers a broad spectrum, making it easy to find the colour you’d like, from single colours to that multi-coloured pop.

Fashion Colour Highlights

The highlight method is a beautiful way to blend two vivid colours together and have them look amazing. It is less noticeable when it begins to fade or grow out. It is also a great way to get that extra wow factor when you don’t want to make the considerable colour leap of faith.

Full Fashion Fantasy

This option makes your entire head of hair make an epic statement. It can be a single colour or a breath-taking variety of unicorn hair. Your hair will need to be bleached, toned and coloured. Keep in mind that if you are coming in with brown or dark hair, it might take you a couple of appointments to get as light as needed before the fashion colour can be applied.

Colour Maintenance

Having different colours in your hair is fantastic fun, but they do need to be maintained. We want you to be fully prepared; your visit to the salon may be a little longer than usual, and you will need to come back every 6 to 8 weeks to have your roots done, or colour renewed.

Colour Care At Home

When it comes to products that help lock in that colour and keep your hair healthy, we always recommend the affordable IQ Hair range. Depending on your hair type and routine, we could recommend the Daily, Volume or Intense Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner, or the weekly Clarifying Shampoo and Repair Mask. We'd also recommend an Olaplex Hair Treatment, for sleeker, healthier-looking hair. Even if you decide to choose your own products, they should be salon quality and sulphate and paraben-free.

Top Tip: Get Used To Cold Showers

One way to help keep the colour, and make it last longer is to wash and condition with cold water. (You get used to it after a while, so we're told!) Warm water opens the hairs cuticle or top layer. Since vivid colours sit on top of the hair, the more you blast the cuticle open with hot water, the more colour is removed.

Join The Unicorn Club At Freestyle

We know what we are doing when it comes to brightly coloured funky hair, it is what we're known for. Each session really is like creating a work of art together. It's such an easy way to put a new spin on your look and make a dramatic, bold statement, to express your personality.

The Freestyle Hair team offer professional recommendations and free consultations so you can talk over your desired look. This is done at our award-winning salon in Treforest, Pontypridd – just a 10-minute drive from Whitchurch in Cardiff. We’ll talk about the long-term direction of your hair, and will turn your vision into reality.

All of our services can be found here. Feel free to get in touch to book your appointment.

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