Bespoke colour masks

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Make your gorgeous colour last longer, stay bright and shiny with your personalised hair colour masks.

Yes, you’ve read that right, regardless of what colour you have chosen to go, we can make you a mask for your hair colour. Maintain your unique salon look in the comfort of your own home. Your stylists will factor your colour, your hairs condition and your hair type to create a bespoke colour mask, especially for you. It comes in a cute tin too!

Why use a hair mask?

Masks for coloured hair are used to repair the damage, lock in protective moisture, and preserve the pigment. Hair masks and deep-conditioning treatments are beneficial for all hair types but crucial if you have coloured hair. So, why wouldn’t you want to have your own?

The more you colour your hair, the more prone it is to damage. Using chemicals on your hair puts the cuticles under pressure and weakens them, meaning they are more likely to split and break. Bleach is particularly damaging and can leave your hair feeling rough and dry.

There is no need to fear. If you make sure your hair is nourished and protected between dyeing sessions, you can minimise the damage caused and make your hair colour last longer.

Get your bespoke colour mask today

Here’s a recent picture of the team mixing up custom colour masks for our clients. They include a pillar box red, copper, dusky pink and a bronze. All our colour masks come in a 100ml tin and are only £8 each. Based on shoulder-length hair, you are going to get 4 uses per pot, and each application lasts 3-4 weeks.

The masks are made from a vegetable dye, so colours can be used on blonde hair to add a tone that fades out with each wash. If you're nervous about getting a fashion colour, this could be the way to experiment.

Having coloured hair is easier to maintain than you think. We recently put together a handy guide on how to maintain your colour-treated hair. Our range of affordable paraben and sulphate-free hair care products can also help you too.

If you have been thinking of changing your colour fo