Autumn Hair Colours to Dye For

The nights are getting shorter, and we’re swapping sandals for sweaters, and sun-kissed highlights for darker shades. Here are this autumns most popular shades.

The changing of the seasons is the perfect opportunity to try a new look. The most popular autumnal hair colour trends are warm browns, rich reds and even frosty blondes. When we think of autumn, we picture gingerbread lattes, pumpkin soups, and the reds, oranges and browns of the falling leaves.

Cinnamon Ombre

The warm brunette look has swirls of amber highlights. It is warm without the brassy or mousy undertones. It is perfect for this time of year, it is deeper and richer for the cooler weather, whilst still offering a touch of warmth.

Red velvet

What is the biggest hair colour of the moment? Red, of course. While you can nail the trend with a range of rouge, from Malbec to cherry red, a favourite is a red velvet. It is a natural-looking red, that’s not too vivid.

Honey blonde

It was a big trend in the summer, but honey blonde isn’t going anywhere. It involves blending dark and golden-toned blonde onto light brown hair. Thanks to the two shades of blonde, it creates a gorgeous warm finish, that suits every skin tone.

Caramel mocha

If you are somebody who gravitates towards rich browns, this could be the hair colour for you. It is a gorgeous chocolately brown, with contrasting caramel strands weaved throughout the hair.

Rusty copper

Copper hair is set to be everywhere this autumn. Warming up a brunette base can make all the difference. A rusty copper, a burnished red shade, looks unbelievable on curls and will add dimension.

Nordic white

Warm tones aren’t the only option during colder months. The Nordic white trend takes a very cool and icy shade of white to create a block of colour. A journey to Nordic white will take a few visits to the salon, but the beautiful, ethereal finish will be worth it.