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How hair can help you keep that youthful appearance

The ageing process is inescapable. There is no need to resort to drastic measures to bring youth back into your face; a simple change in hairstyle can really make a difference.

Your appearance can affect how you see and feel about yourself. From weight loss to weight gain and how we see our bodies. However, ageing begins to show on our faces with fine lines or even a skin tone change. But we know what skincare we should do to get younger-looking skin.

Getting older also changes or hair. It should be an essential part of taking care of yourself. You could experience hair loss or grey hair. A simple hair care regime can help you regain that youthful look and make you appear younger than your actual age. There are ways to look years younger by looking after our hair, or even how it is styled.

What makes a face look younger – A fringe

A fringe can add a youthful quality to your face. It can also make it appear smaller. A longer fringe can soften your facial appearance by hiding your fine lines and wrinkles. The loose hair strands can help highlight your facial features, giving you a younger-looking face. There's a couple of options to choose from; the modern blunt fringe, wispy, choppy or the side sweep.

How to look younger than your age naturally - Layers

The best way to salvage a boring hairstyle is to add layers to give it texture and movement. The best part about layers is that they work with any hairstyle, from long locks to shorter styles. With the right cut, your wispy soft layering can add a playful flattering appearance.

How to look younger naturally – Hair cut

A good haircut always makes us feel better. Opt for a short haircut such as a bob or pixie cut if you want to look and feel younger. A short hairstyle for older women can leave you looking fresh, healthy and youthful. Having short hair emphasises your upper face, such as eyes, eyebrows and cheekbones. Accentuating these features will lift your face, giving you a more radiant and youthful look.

Top tip – if you keep your hair long, wearing it in a ponytail can make you look young. However, you should let it loose when you can. This takes the strain off your strands and scalp, which could lead to traction alopecia. A type of hair loss problem.

What makes a woman look younger - Hair colour

Currently, ash-coloured dyes are trendy amongst women. However, the lighter colour can be mistaken for grey hair – making you look older. Opting for warmer tones will give you a more youthful appearance. Natural highlights just one or two shades lighter or darker than your natural hair colouring can liven up your look. Shine and vibrant colours will keep you looking younger.

How to look younger than your age - Big and bouncy

It's a cliché for a good reason, apparently – longer hair can be ageing as we get older. However, done right, it can make you look younger. Soft and effortless curls are so much more flattering. Adding lift and height will slim the face shape and give it a youthful glow.

Thinning hair is one of the side effects of ageing. There are some simple ways to make your hair look thicker than it actually is. Using volumising shampoo and conditioner, or even styling products like mousse, root boost or clever dust. You could also try an angled parting, coming from the side of your head towards the crown for extra volume.

You should also consider having regular in-salon treatments. A scalp massage can improve your hairs health from the roots. A deep moisturising treatment or shine shot will help it look smoother and reflect more light. A secret to a youthful glow.

Embrace the signs of ageing

We can't prevent some parts of the ageing process from happening. We can help to improve these bodily changes naturally and improve our confidence. Learn how to age gracefully by living a healthy lifestyle and taking good care of your hair. As a result, you can appear more youthful, sassy and sexy.


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