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What to expect at your hair salon visit?

Updated: May 12

Is it your first time at Freestyle Hair Design? We know it can be quite daunting visiting a new salon. We promise to be gentle with you!

If you have not been to Freestyle before, you may be nervous about our health and safety procedures, the condition of your hair, what you're going to look like when you leave, whether you will like it, will you like the team, etc… If you've thought it, we've definitely heard it from our clients before.

We want you to still be able to relax and enjoy your salon visit. Our incredible team are here to welcome you, share a chat and some smiles, and get your hair in tip-top condition. We have put together the below to help you get ready for your hair appointment with us and feel confident too.

Before you visit Freestyle in Treforest

Consider a free hair consultation

If you are uncertain about what hair look will work for you, schedule a consultation with a hairstylist. We offer a free 15-minute appointment; meet the team and try us on for size.

Talk through your needs, share ideas, and what you like and don't like. Like you, we want to be confident with what we can achieve. We will not commit to anything if what you want is not achievable. What we promise is honest advice. Sometimes managing hair expectations and your results are just as important as the result itself.

Can't make an in-person consultation. Complete our questionnaire, and we'll come back to you:

Patch test

If you are having your hair coloured, you will need a patch test. This needs to be done before your appointment. They are straightforward to apply behind your ear by one of our hairdressers.

Make a booking

We do accept walk-ins, but as a busy salon, these are few and far between. When you book an appointment, we will ask you what you would like to have done, so we can estimate how long it will take and reserve that time, especially for you. We only see clients on a one-to-one basis.

Feel free to get in touch to book your appointment or call 01443 403169.

On the day you visit Freestyle Hair Design

Should my hair be clean, dirty or in-between when I visit?

Turning up with dirty hair is fine. However, if you haven't washed your hair for two or more weeks or if it is starting to have an odour, then we would ask you to please clean it before coming to the salon. If you are having a colour, freshly washed hair is much better.

Should I bring any photographs of hairstyles I love?

Yes, please! When you go to your appointment, bring with you some photos of the style you want to get. That way, the stylist can determine if the cut or colour would work for your hair texture and face shape. Also, ask about the care and upkeep of the hairstyle to know if it would fit with your lifestyle.

Consider the following:

Hair type:

Whether you have thin, fine hair or thick, curly hair, you can't expect to achieve the opposite of a haircut. So, if you have thick, curly hair, do not expect your stylist to recreate fine glossy locks. Instead, have more realistic expectations and find hair inspiration from people who have the same hair texture as you do.

Hair colour:

If you are looking to get your hair highlighted, your hair will need to be bleached and toned. If you want a colour or fashion colour, keep in mind that if you are coming in with brown or dark hair, it might take you a couple of appointments to get it light enough before the colour can be applied.