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Retro Hairstyles Are Back In!

Just like the fashion of your youth coming back into style, so is your old hairstyle. However, it doesn’t mean you will look old-fashioned or unstylish. Retro hairstyles are back in and here to stay.

Not all vintage hairstyles are victory rolls and finger waves. This season is about embracing curls, increasing the volume and framing your face. It’s all about texture and movement. Your hair can help you keep that youthful appearance, regardless of what decade you spent your teens in.

The Big Blow Dry

When we think of a voluminous blow dry, we think of Farrah Fawcett. Nothing says the 70s like lush, fluffy curls. The iconic look has never gone out of fashion. With big curls, huge volume at the roots and flirtatious pieces that frame your face, your hair will be the envy of everyone you meet.

Also, bang on trend is teaming this look with a 70s creamy blonde with root stretch - for a truly authentic look. This is achieved by using a balayage technique, blending your natural hair colour at the root into natural-looking balayage colours. You could also consider lived in roots.

The French Bob

A bob is classic and also a big thing this season. The best-known short hairstyle of the 20s has never gone out of fashion. The French Bob is where you get volume and texture in the roots that don’t weigh down your hair. This cheekbone-skimming hairstyle has a blunt cut and is often paired with a fringe. If you have thin hair, this style is ideal, as teaming it with soft waves will make your hair look thicker.

Zigzag Partings

The 00s were all about zigzag partings. Don’t believe us? Both Bella Hadid and Ariana Grande have been spotted wearing the classic Y2K look on their Instagram. Why choose a boring, straight parting when you can add a little interest to your everyday look? It takes minutes to create, but your hairstyle will stand out. Add it to hair worn down or feature it in a playful updo.

Natural Curls

Forget the wild-haired 80s; bring your natural curls out with full force. Texture in all of its forms is dominating the hair world. The curly hair market is growing. If you are toying with embracing or styling your natural curls remember regular cuts are important to introduce volume and face-framing shapes. Plus, using the correct products or bespoke hair care packages. Not sure where to start; learn about the curly girl method.

Bottleneck Bangs

Bottleneck bangs first became iconic in the 70s. In the late 80s and early 90s, they had another resurgence, often held in place with copious amounts of hairspray. Like a curtain fringe, bottleneck bangs are wispy and lash-skimming, with cheekbone framing pieces on each side. They resemble a bottleneck, starting shorter at the top and graduating to longer pieces. Unlike most fringes, they are lower maintenance and add a casual class to any haircut.

Bold Colour

It started with Rosie the Riveter in the 40s, but there’s never a better time to go red. Trends of warm orange and copper tones are taking off big time. Warm hues are bright and unapologetic. Red colours can suit all skin tones and undertones. Shades range from strawberry blonde to deep auburn.

To keep strands as protected as possible, an Olaplex treatment is highly recommended. It is also essential to maintain colour-treated hair, and bespoke colour masks are an easy way to do that.

Colour Contouring

“The Rachel” from the 90s was a shoulder-length haircut with a face-framing flick, maximum volume and hairspray. It also had bold highlights that added definition to the tresses. Tones and depths of colour highlight and shadow targeted areas. They can shorten or narrow your face shape, and lighter tones are placed to elongate and lengthen the face. For a seriously enviable style, go for this bold look.


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