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Winter Hair Colour Trends

With the changing of the seasons, you may want to change your hair colour too. An excellent winter hair colour will refresh your look and add some variety to the season.

Just like autumn, winter is all about contrast. As we hide our bodies under 15 layers of jumpers and wool, we rely on our hair to elevate our winter look. It’s often the only part of us that’s visible. So, whether you want an icy blonde, rich brunette, or gorgeous reds, there are plenty of choices.


Make the most of the dark nights by being the brightest in the room. Keep your length and add two shades of highlights to really emphasise the natural light. Cinnamon, caramel and honey blonde will brighten any winter day. Strawberry blonde is also warm and sunny and will lift your spirits on a cloudy day.

Icy blondes, hints of silver and platinum are on-trend at the moment but do need a little bit of extra care. They need some shadowing to pop, and an ash blonde base is a perfect choice. It is essential to ensure you have the right products to look after your hair to keep the WOW factor.


As much as you may be tempted to go black, the solid hue will likely look gloomy. Dark brown highlights can lift dark hair or add depth to lighter hair. Alternatively, you could even add a plum accent on dark hair, which looks striking – and very festive.

When we think of winter, we think of hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows. The winter treat is a perfect source of inspiration. Used the chocolate hues in a balayage or ombre to really show off the delicious shades.

A chestnut brown base can be accented with lighter cinnamon tones. Caramel colours or even a hint of red look gorgeous in layered hair, creating incredible depth for your mane.


Red hair, even auburn, is known for being high up on the maintenance scale. However, with our bespoke colour masks, you can keep reds vibrant for longer. A mahogany red is bold, intense and simply adorable on brunettes. Cooper is a versatile colour; you can go light or dark, it looks good on virtually everyone.

Dark reds remind us of cherry cola. It is a fabulous combination of rich brown and rosy red shades that results in a deep colour. It looks delicious on cool skin tones and those with brown eyes.

Looking after colour-treated hair

Whether you have blonde, brunette, red or multi-coloured hair, colour treated hair needs a little extra attention if you want the colour to last. It is easier than you think, and there are plenty of easy to follow tips for looking after colour treated hair.

Don’t know what your winter colour should be?

If you struggle to decide on your next hair colour, then book a complimentary colour consultation with one of our creative colour team. We can help you choose the right colour to suit you, your hair type and your lifestyle.


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