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Teaching your children a good hair self-care routine

We know how great the feeling is when leaving the salon after a refresh; let’s pass this along and create healthy hair care habits from a young age.

Learning to look after yourself has become a much-needed and encouraged practice for everyone. Hair often doesn’t get the attention it deserves. Getting regular haircuts, an in-salon hair treatment and continuing this at home are just a few ways of getting some hair therapy. However, should we be encouraging these practices from childhood?

Self-care has grown in popularity and was a trending term during the lockdowns and isolation periods. Self-care is a way we prioritise our emotional, mental and physical well-being. For us, it’s imparting how looking after your hair can help you connect more deeply with your own self-care.

Hair Care Tips for Children

As a parent or carer, you will also want to teach your children about a good self-care routine. And it starts with hair! Part of growing up and becoming independent is learning to look after your hair. This includes everything from brushing, washing, cutting, styling, or even a blow dry. We know how great the feeling is when leaving the salon after a refresh; let’s pass this along and create healthy hair care habits.


Treat Your Teen Package

As a proud parent, watching your daughter grow and follow in your footsteps is a special moment. Treat your daughter to a luxurious cut and finish at the salon this March. This ultimate girly package is specially designed for those aged 10-16. The tailor-made pampering session includes:

  • Relaxing, professional hair wash

  • A nourishing hair treatment to tackle tangles and add shine

  • Trim or a big chop (it's her choice!)

  • Choice of a finishing style: straight, curly, or plaited

  • Choose a cute clip or headband

  • Refreshing strawberry lemonade

This incredible offer is only £27.50 and is the perfect way to show your daughter how special she is. Book online.


Getting a Hair Cut

The head is susceptible to touch, making haircutting an unexpected sensory experience. Especially the first time. It is possible to prepare younger children for these sensations to help reduce their response or anxiety.

These can include massaging their scalp when washing their hair or before combing or brushing. Encourage your child to sit on their hands when you are doing this. This deep pressure can help release anxiety. Give time limits using the counting down method, or try earphones or earplugs to block out the noise.

Washing Hair

Keeping your child’s hair short makes washing and rinsing much easier. You could give younger children a flannel to hold over their eyes and face to get them used to the process. We need to give them some pointers as they get older and do this by themselves.

Get a pump bottle to put the shampoo and conditioner in so they do not use too much. Explain the importance of focusing on the back of the head and the nape of the neck. We also know rinsing thoroughly is essential; talk about how the hair should feel or encourage them to count to 100 whilst standing under the running water.

Hair Brushing

Ok, this is one many adults do not know about or don’t do. You should start brushing from the tips of your hair, not the roots! A wide-handled brush is easier to grip, or a wide-toothed comb will help stop breakage and resistance on the hair. A leave-in conditioner or detangling spray will also help with this.

Hair Styling

As adults, we can look back on some dodgy retro hairstyles. Whether we experimented at home or followed a current fashion trend – that quickly went out of style. Whilst we should encourage our children to do this, we also want to teach them to look after their hair and use the right products. Some of this is encouraging them to learn about their hair type.

Consider letting hair air dry rather than using a hair dryer, as this puts less strain on hair follicles. For longer hair, spiral hairbands are brilliant; they don’t damage hair like traditional elastic hair ties. It’s also fun to experiment with different hairstyles such as bunches, buns or learning to braid.

Children's Hair Workshops

Did you know that we offer Children’s Hair Workshops? These are designed to help children want to style their own hair. The workshops include braids, curls and easy up-dos.

Watch this space for the 2023 dates!

Hair Care Routine

So many of us don’t give our hair the attention it deserves. A great self-care hair routine doesn’t start and end in the salon. From hair masks to caring for your scalp, the ultimate self-care hair routine can begin as a child.


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