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Staycation Haircare Essentials

As life is starting to return to “normal”, it looks like a summer staycation is on the cards. But, what staycation haircare essentials do you need to take with you? Here are our tips on what travel essentials you need to pack to keep your hair in top condition.

We’re all itching to get away, whether it is just to switch off and enjoy the natural beauty of the great outdoors or to explore more of Wales or the UK. Although our summer holidays might be slightly different this year, we still need to take travel hair care essentials and hair styling products.

Don’t forget your other home and beauty essentials such as sunscreen, shower gel, body moisturiser, hand cream, perfumes and fragrances, clothes and make-up. There are a lot of things to remember. Hopefully, our staycation essentials list will give you some inspiration.

What are some of the best hair care products?

Your hair care routine shouldn’t be interrupted just because you’re going away. Before you start packing, stock up on these hair products. There’s something for every hair type.

Keep your colour

Chlorine is the number one enemy for sucking out the colour and moisture from your hair. Plus, sunshine, wind and even rain (it’s a staycation in the UK after all). Make your gorgeous colour last longer, and stay bright and shiny with a personalised colour mask. Each 100ml tin – the perfect travel size - is £8 and lasts up to 4 washes.

Watch Salon Owner Louise show you how easy it is to apply:

Bring out the big guns

How do I get soft and silky hair at home? Olaplex, of course. If you haven’t heard of it, where have you been? It’s taken the hair care industry by storm. You can add on a treatment in the salon and continue using the shampoo, conditioner, and styling products at home. Olaplex restores broken hair bonds and leaves it feeling strong. It works on all hair types, especially those with frizzy hair and those who over bleach, colour and regularly use straighteners.

Rock the waves

The Curly Girl Method is a way of taming, defining and celebrating curly hair. More women are embracing their natural curls, and they are bouncier and healthier than ever before. The Yellow Curl Range is packed full of natural ingredients from all over the world. They bring lots of definition to your curls and do not weigh them down. Don’t forget your beach wave comb, to detangle and prevent hair breakage.

Life isn’t perfect, but your hair can be

Don’t forget to pack your other staycation haircare essentials. Some of the top sellers in our shop are the iQ 10-in-1 spray, brilliant for detangling locks and keeping hair hydrated. Not forgetting dry shampoo to refresh your hair between washes. iQ Styling Mouse or Root Boost is ideal for fine hair. Or iQ Hair Serum or Blow Dry Cream for greater manageability and shine.

Hope you found our article helpful! All products can be purchased in the salon, or you can buy them online.

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