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Hair Tips for Self Isolation and Social Distancing

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

Look we know your roots are coming through, those pesky greys have made a reappearance and your fringe in your eyes. Missing your regular (or overdue) hair appointment during the apocalypse – sorry, we meant self-isolation and social distancing – is difficult. So, we have put some hair care tips together to help you get through it.

The Freestyle Hair Design Team are on their knees, saying, please don’t touch your hair! When you can see us next, we don’t want to see any wonky fringes, dodgy layers or home dye jobs. Please follow our tips below, and if you really need us feel free to DM us on our social media streams, so we can try to help. Hot, hot, hot! Reduce your use of hot tools such as your hairdryer, straighteners, curling tongs and other stylers. The less you can use these, the less damage you are going to cause to your hair. Wash and go You’re not in work, you’re not out in public, and the only people you see are family and friends on facetime and Zoom. Try and go an extra day (or two) without washing your hair. This will give your scalp time to re-balance, and hopefully, it’ll mean you won't’ have to wash it as often going forward.

Hair IQ Make sure you are using sulphate-free and paraben-free shampoos and conditions. These are only a tiny bit more expensive than what you can get at the supermarket but will help give ultimate health to your hair. You can see the products we use in the salon here. Hair food Focus on your diet, to have good hair and a healthy scalp, it is essential to have a healthy diet. Make sure you get an array of colour on your plate so you can absorb all of the vital nutrients. Now that the initial chaos is over, there is more fresh produce in the supermarket. Make sure you drink lots of water too!

Feeling fruity Massage a little coconut oil into your scalp. Yes, it will leave your hair looking greasy for a short period, but there is no better time than now. Coconut oil is a natural conditioner and will help your hair become more robust, and hair oils are great for hair growth.

Back to your roots If you do have to go out, you could cover your hair with a hat or scarf. One of our favourite products is root spray. You can get these online or at most supermarkets. They come in lots of different shades, so you should be able to get a good match. It will mean you can hide the roots, or lessen the severity.

Hair flair Most of us are rocking the high ponytail, messy bun or braids more than usual. Make sure that you are brushing your hair every day, starting from the ends and working up – you should never start at the scalp. Un-do any ties or bobbles correctly, do not pull them out, to avoid causing damage to your hair. If you can, leave your hair down for an hour or two as well. Make the most out of this period of uncertainty, and take a little ‘me time’ with your hair. Here’s to happy and healthy hair! Lots of love to you all, The Freestyle Hair Design Team x

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